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Pitching E-Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes

1. 90% Cheaper

E-cigarette is equal to approximately 40 cigarettes, which is significantly low. When you compared 2 packets consisting of 20 cigarettes, you end up saving as much as 92%. Premium cigarettes cost way less compared to the traditional cigarettes and last longer for 2 to 3 weeks.

2. No Burning, Smoke, Ash or Tar

Traditional cigarettes have been known to possess over 4,000 chemicals and toxins such as cyanide. With each 10 packets of 20 cigarettes smoked, it contains 2 grams of tar which remains in your lungs. The burning of tobacco hails as the main cause of the harmful effects of smoking contrary to the presence of nicotine and tobacco.

Comparison of the green smoke E-liquid and cartridges shows close to 5 major ingredients which have been further approved for human consumption. These include water, nicotine, vegetable glycol, flavoring and propylene glycol. Furthermore, it does not contain any harmful tar or smoke since the tobacco contained does not burn.

3. You Can Vape Anywhere

Smoking of traditional cigarettes in public spaces such as sport venues, music events, bars, casinos, public transport and hotels is still prohibited. However, with E-cigarettes there is not prohibition on their use anywhere. Therefore, you can take advantage of the peace of smoking the E-cigarettes at peace. See this video at for more info about E-cigarettes.

4. No Foul Smell

The green smoke E-liquid is scented to ensure that you get an authentic and realistic vaping experience which can’t be compared. The smell from the e-cigarette disappears upon vaping without any left scent of any bad scent behind on the clothes. This means that you will be able to revitalize your sense of smell with a myriad of different advantages which also increases your taste of food.

5. Easy Use While Reducing Intake of Nicotine

There are different ranges of e-liquid and cartridges that comes into play with the 5 nicotine strengths. With the level zero nicotine, you can play around with the different ranges until you find a range you prefer.

Next Generation E-Cigarettes

There is a new and powerful smoking experience that is related with the use of the next generation vaporizers which is an improvement from the normal and traditional cigarettes. There is a wide range of E-liquids which comes in form of various flavors.

There is a high capacity battery that is attached to the powerful vaporizers which forms part of an upgrade from the normal E-liquid. The more vapor produced the higher the capacity and power of the battery and taste emitted compared to the E-cigarettes. This features an extended battery life which provides a fast and durable charge that can go for four days compared to the common traditional cigarettes. The introduction of new age vaporizers in increasing the innovation and smoking experience of E-cigarettes.

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